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what we did
Immersion with the client
Market and trends
Customers and stakeholders
Brand diagnosis
Brand positioning
Brand purpose
Brand platform
Business model innovation
Strategic recommendations
Brand voice
Key messages
Visual identity
Web design
Product & service concept design



TRANSFORMATION HAS BECOME AN INCREASINGLY MORE COMMON WORD in our day and age. Changes in technology, longevity, working practices and new business models have created a huge demand for continuous development (known as lifelong learning) and professionals who want to stay relevant will need to constantly invest in improving and acquiring new skills, regardless of where they are in their careers. It is within this context that Saad was sought out to lead the construction of the business model and branding project for a new boutique consultancy firm specialized in people development, located in Southern Brazil.

plural uniqueness

Based on the analysis of the information gathered in the immersion workshops with the founders, in addition to market analysis, macro and micro trends, benchmarks and qualitative interviews with the target audience, we came up with the main differentials that would position the brand in an original and effective way in the market: “a people development and organizational culture consultancy firm that knows each client by name, understands their problems closely and creates unique and customized solutions from the correct equation between the singularity and plurality of each individual, leading them to the future they want”. The brand idea “Plural uniqueness: the singularity of being plural” mainly explores the concept that the multiplicity of experiences that each person inside a company brings can – and should – be combined in order to create solid, authentic, high-performance cultures. The brand platform also included the definition of the buyer personas, brand purpose, drivers, archetype, brand persona, and the creation of new products and services that are unlike any existing in the industry to date.

unlocking people’s potential

Once the strategy was defined, it was necessary to make it tangible through verbal and visual identities. After a list of more than 1,100 alternatives, a peculiar name was chosen which would definitively take over the energy and the world of work: the name 9–6 (nine to six) is a symbolic interpretation of what we normally know as “business hours” or working hours in Brazil. Although it may vary – some people come in earlier, leave later, and others have a longer work period – but, as mentioned, it is not a descriptive name, but rather a name that refers to the moments destined to one’s job. Therefore, the brand uses it as a base, but is not limited to the 9 to 6 time period. Being a dynamic and flexible name, it allows several stories to be told within this time period and also outside of it, because considering that every person is unique, each individual will have their own narrative described according to their schedule (not limited to work only), which allows them to see themselves through the brand. The logo interacts with the rest of the identity exploring the main idea through texts, icons, and even emojis, customizing the communication for different public profiles and situations. Besides the naming and the logo, were also developed the tone of voice, keywords, key messages, website, and several other on and offline applications. In the words of the partners, “Saad’s ability to translate the data collected into insights and the experience we had throughout the whole process of building our brand exceeded our expectations. In addition, we are receiving excellent feedback from the market showing all the impact, innovation and sophistication that the brand brought to our business.”

The autonomy we gave Saad was fundamental to achieve a result that exceeded not only our expectations, but also those of the market.
Paulo Brosig, founder and director of 9–6
The project allowed us to know in depth all aspects of our business and gave us the necessary basis for the strategic management and evolution of our company.
Wilza Brosig, founder and director of 9–6

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