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Privia Solutions


A GROUP OF INVESTORS FROM THE MID-WEST OF BRAZIL SAW A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY when they identified a gap in the national market for quality products on fleets communication technology. The market was asking for innovation in the supply of tracking, monitoring, telemetry and logistics products. They decided to launch a new company and believed it would only need the development of a name and a logotype. However, Saad soon realized that a broad branding project would make the new enterprise more competitive and prepared for new challenges.

connecting dots

For Privia, it was necessary to highlight the energy of its essence, the innovation of its products and the connectivity of its solutions, keeping the future-oriented approach that is inherent to the brand. The intense process of research, analysis, and discussion made it clear that the company’s positioning was “guaranteed communication at everytime, everywhere”, which later became the tagline: Everytime, everywhere. The solution was found on the dots of the “i’s” of the name, Privia, that move around the brand with no fixed position, appearing on each piece on a different place of the grid, matching perfectly with the brand’s positioning. The visual identity has a broad, flexible and dynamic language that refers to data communication and translates the main attribute of the brand: energy.

the leader in the Brazilian market

The project developed by Saad oriented every area of the company. It compiled all of the branding aspects, like the creation of the name, identity, online and offline graphic pieces, as well as launch and activation strategies — a set of cohesive elements was developed for the brand that allowed the company to launch itself in the market in a much stronger, competitive, and consistent manner. At the first five years after the project, Privia had an average anual growth of 22,5% and became the leader with a 70% market share among gas transportation companies in Brazil.
I was surprised by the depth and quality of the project. Because of it, we were able to understand our own business better, visualize our demands, and familiarize ourselves with the reality of the market.
Joel Dibo, founder and CEO of Privia Solutions
The final project totally exceeded our expectations with fantastic results.
Nélio Sá, founder of Privia Solutions

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