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life better

NASTEK IS A LARGE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY founded by engineers, whose desire to develop products and offer solutions that make peoples’ lives easier, connecting them to each other. With the fast pace that the company grew in the B2B market, part of its essence got lost and it was time to rescue it. Besides the launch of a new line of products that would be its door to the B2C market, Nastek was preparing to do business internationally. Considering all the variables of this context, Saad was called upon to develop a repositioning project for Nastek.

an adaptable brand

Through interviews with the stakeholders and extensive immersion with competitors, benchmarks, trends, and scenario researches, the essence of Nastek and its major strategic point of differentiation rose: the concern with mankind’s well-being. Thus, the central idea for the brand — aka, the brand idea — was developed to reflect the brand positioning and eventually its tagline: Making life better. The entire identity is flexible and varies according to the context it’s being applied to, or to the customer, or even to the product that it’s promoting. For example, we could see the tagline Making our planet better in green tones when it is relating to sustainable products, or Making logistics better in blue shades when it refers to products such as GPS or tracking devices and a wide range of possibilities that may appear. The identity system is broad and versatile, both visually and verbally, and incites a dialogue with the audience to fulfill its needs the best way possible. The tagline in English, when used on the national market, is always accompanied by its translation to Portuguese, Brazil’s native language, portraying a brand that’s proudly Brazilian, but that’s ready to operate in markets all over the world.

90% market share

Making life better is a broad, clear and direct message that perfectly translates Nastek’s essence. The company became the leader in supplying automation and communication technologies to companies in the electric power sector in Brazil, with 90% market share and with its products and services present in the homes of more than 130 million people every day. The company practically quadrupled its revenue in the first three years after the project, consolidating its internationalization process by conquering, with its new products line, markets such as Europe and United States.

The project was able to synthesize what we couldn't express.
Lauro Corrêa Cruz Jr., founder and CTO of Nastek

If not for the branding project, we certainly would not have gained as much attention worldwide as we have. The project boosted and enriched our products’ attributes, leading to a brand that is unique and full of personality.
José Scucuglia, founder and CEO of Nastek

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