impactful tailored brands

Through a tailor-made business model, we build impactful brands — economically and socially. We understand that the only way to perform the proper immersion (time + depth) and keep the intricacy
of each detail is with more focus, proximity, and a personalized team of specialized and dedicated multidisciplinary professionals, from the beginning to the end of each project, therefore reducing
and potentiating results. And this is essential for us to have an unconventional, outsider look — that is, from the outside and to the outside, delivering authentic, unique, consistent, and assertive solutions, resulting in brands that are prepared for the present and are future-oriented at the same time, bringing rupture and transforming the market.

what we do

business research
  • business immersion
  • market and trends
  • target audience
    and stakeholders
  • competitors and
brand strategy
  • SWOT analysis
  • brand audit
  • brand platform
  • brand positioning
  • brand manifesto
  • business model
brand identity
  • naming
  • tagline
  • tone of voice
  • logotype
  • visual identity system
brand experience
  • corporate design
    (on and offline)
  • promotion design
    (on and offline)
  • products
  • services
brand activation
  • strategy implementation
  • brandbook
  • brand culture
  • innovation workshops
  • launching (businesses,
    products and services)
brand management
  • tracking
  • engagement

lucas saad

LUCAS SAAD, FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR OF SAAD, has majored in Graphic Design and specialized in Branding − Strategic Brand Management, having part of his MBA complemented at Brunel University in London. He has also taken a course in Global Creative Leadership at THNK − The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. With more than 15 years of experience in Brazil and abroad, he has taken part in projects for small and big companies of a wide range of sectors such as healthcare, sustainable products, agribusiness, engineering & industrial, energy, arts & entertainment, tech, amongst others.

clients and partners

awards and highlights

awards and highlights 


2018 Lisbon International Health Festival — Vuelo Pharma, bronze. Portugal.
2018 Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño (BID) — Vuelo Pharma. Spain.
2018 Brasil Design Award — Vuelo Pharma. Brazil.
2017 iF Design Award — RE. Germany.
2017 Premios CLAP — Premios Internacionales de Diseño Industrial y Diseño Gráfico. Ipiranga Seeds, CLAP Platinum. Spain.
2017 Premios CLAP — Premios Internacionales de Diseño Industrial y Diseño Gráfico. RE. Spain.
2017 Premios CLAP — Premios Internacionales de Diseño Industrial y Diseño Gráfico. Vuelo Pharma. Spain.
2017 12ª Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico — Vuelo Pharma. Brazil.
2015 Bienal Brasileira de Design — Yon. Brazil.
2015 11ª Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico — Yon. Brazil.
2014 iF Design Award — Ipiranga Seeds. Germany.
2013 IDEA Brasil Awards — Ipiranga Seeds, silver. Brazil.

talks and events

2018 CUBO Itaú — Impactful tailored brands: creating business that transform markets. Lecture by Lucas Saad at CUBO, the greatest and most relevant technologic entrepreneurship centre in Latin America. São Paulo, Brazil.
2018 Polifonia — Polyphonic Talks. Lecture by Lucas Saad. São Paulo, Brazil.
2018 MBA in Branding at Universidade Positivo — Lecture by Lucas Saad. Curitiba, Brazil.
2017 10th Campus Party — How can innovation, branding, and design improve the technology sector? Lecture by Lucas Saad. São Paulo, Brazil.
2017 10th Campus Party — Think Design: the power of uniting people, business, and technology. Conversation panel featuring Lucas Saad. São Paulo, Brazil.
2017 POPAI Brasil Award — Lucas Saad, jury member. São Paulo, Brazil.
2017 Brand's Up Conference — The future is outside: creating impactful brands. Lecture by Lucas Saad. Brazil.
2017 Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná — Charneira Design Academic Week. Lecture by Lucas Saad. Curitiba, Brazil.
2017 Universidade Positivo — Encounter with the market. Lecture by Lucas Saad. Curitiba, Brazil.
2016 Picnic Festval — RE project is featured at the event. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2016 MBA in Branding Univali — Brands that dialogue. Lecture by Lucas Saad. Balneário Camboriú, Brazil.
2015 Instituto Brasileiro de Qualidade e Produtividade (IBQP) — Is your brand ready for the future? Lecture by Lucas Saad. Curitiba, Brazil.
2014 Semana D — 600 Seconds. Lecture by Lucas Saad. Curitiba, Brazil.
2014 Pré-Bienal Brasileira de Design — Index/SC Design For All. Lecture by Lucas Saad. Chapecó, Brazil.
2013 Universidade Positivo — Portfolio Concept '13. Lecture by Lucas Saad. Curitiba, Brazil.

press publications

2017 Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios Magazine — the country's leading entrepreneurship magazine featured Saad's branding consultancy among the issue's cover highlights. Brazil.
2016 abcDesign Magazine — Vuelo Pharma. Brazil.
2016 Favourite Design Book — Vuelo Pharma. France.
2016 Correio Braziliense — How Will Business Look Like in 2017? Article published in the Entrepeneurship section. Brazil.
2016 Color Code: Branding & Identity Book — Yon. China.
2016 abcDesign Magazine — Ipiranga Seeds. Brazil.
2015 Meio&Mensagem Advertising Yearbook — Ipiranga Seeds. Brazil.
2014 The Design and Design Book of the Year Vol. 7 — Ipiranga Seeds. France.
2014 Monochrome: Branding in Black and White Book — saad branding+design. China.
awards and highlights 

online publications

2018 Mundo Corporativo Magazine (Deloitte) — Saad branding consultancy is one of the highlights of the Scale-Ups article in the Innovation section. Brazil.
2018 Design and Design — Yon. France.
2017 The Dieline — RE. United States.
2017 Favourite Design — Oigo. France.
2017 Administradores — articles about Naming, Brand Essence, and Trends. Brazil.
2017 Brasil Econômico (iG) — Eight Tips to Improve Your Business in 2017. Article published in the Economy section. Brazil.
2017 Design and Design — Vuelo Pharma. France.
2017 DesignBrasil — RE. Brazil.
2016 The Dieline — Vuelo Pharma. United States.
2016 Packaging of the World — RE. Singapure.
2016 Packaging of the World — Vuelo Pharma. Singapure.
2016 Visualgraphc — Ipiranga Seeds. United States.
2016 Design and Design — Oigo. France.
2016 Favourite Design — Vuelo Pharma. France.
2016 Ohmycode — Ipiranga Seeds. Russia.
2016 Embalagem Marca — Vuelo Pharma. Brazil.
2016 Embalagem Marca —The Importance of Good Brand Positioning. Article published in the Marketing section. Brazil.
2016 Administradores — articles about Branding, Strategic Planning, Etnography, Brand Positioning, and Dynamic Identities. Brazil.
2016 Design Clever — Ipiranga Seeds. England.
2016 Retail Design Blog — RE. Hungary.
2016 Milk With One Sugar — Ipiranga Seeds. United States.
2016 We And The Color — Oigo. United States.
2016 We And The Color — saad branding+design. United States.
2016 DesignBrasil — Vuelo Pharma. Brazil.
2016 DesignBrasil — articles about Branding and Ethnography. Brazil.
2016 InfoBranding — article about Ethnography. Brazil.
2016 Trend List — saad branding+design. United States.
2016 Raw (Abduzeedo) — Vuelo Pharma. United States.
2015 DesignBrasil — Brand Change Requires Attention and Care. Article published in the Design section. Brazil.
2014 For Print Only (UnderConsideration) — Ipiranga Seeds. United States.
2014 For Print Only (UnderConsideration) — saad branding+design. United States.
2014 Design and Design — saad branding+design. France.
2014 TheArtHunters (Daily Inspiration) — Yon. Netherlands.
2014 Identity Designed — Yon. Ireland.
2014 Paper Specs — saad branding+design. United States.
2014 DesignBrasil — Ipiranga Seeds. Brazil.
2014 Packaging of the World — Yon. Singapure.
2014 Creative Inspiration — Yon. United Kingdom.
2014 New Grids — saad branding+design. France.
2014 Branding Served (Behance) — Oigo. United States.
2014 Branding Served (Behance) — saad branding+design. United States.